Bespoke Designs Of Handcrafted Weathervane

The growing likability of the handicraft items is due to outstanding designs and quality of the items.  Wide range of handcrafted items is available in the market which can be used as a decorative option in the house and at workplace. If you are looking for some unique items for decorating your house, handcrafted weathervanes is the right choice. This type of weathervane is completely designed by the professional artisans. Hence, each and every fine detail on the weathervane is reflected clearly.

microlite weathervanes

Browse for the weathervane from different categories

The best place to buy the weathervane is the online store. When you buy weathervanes online, you have the choice to visit so many stores selling the weathervane so that you can buy the best design of weathervane. At the online weathervane stores, uncountable designs of weathervanes are available. Different designs of weathervanes are categorized as follows. You can have weathervanes in following categories:

  • Animal kingdom
  • Sports and recreation
  • Human figure
  • Banners
  • Buildings and structures
  • Mythological and whimsical figures

There are many more categories in which you can browse the best design of weathervane.

Maintain the elegance of your place

If you are having an elegant setting at your home or in your office then you are required to choose the elegant and bespoke design of weathervane. You can have two arrowed weathervane or single arrowed weathervane. In some weathervanes, initial letters of different directions are used while some of the weathervanes look so realistic and charming that you will love to keep them in your living room.

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Joanna Koerten

Joanna Koerten (1650–1715) was a Dutch artist who was known for creating intricate paper cutting silhouettes against a dark background. She was married to Adrian Block. Themes included scenes from nature – both land and sea, portraits and religion. Besides paper cutting, she was also a painter, made wax models, was proficient in engraving glass and crystal with a diamond, embroidery, and a draughtswoman. Her clients included many prominent personalities from that time such as The Empress of Germany, Peter the Great from Russia and William III from England. Her works were displayed in her husband’s shop from where she worked. Today about fifteen pieces of her work survive and are on display in museums in the cities of Leiden, The Hague, Loosdrecht, and Hoorn.

Inuit Art

People who live in the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland, and Alaska are called Inuit. Artwork produced by Inuit people is known as Inuit Art. The raw materials used are locally sourced from land or sea and include animal bones, ivory, tusks, and stone for sculptures which is the most known type of Inuit Art.

Subjects vary from various hunting scenes to shamanic stories to animal forms to mythology. They were created for decorations and religious purposes but were later used as barter for goods for trade – mainly tea, weapons, and alcohol. Inuit Art dates back to over 4000 years. The Inuit continue to make sculptures today using traditional and modern tools and are experimenting with new themes and materials to keep the tradition alive.