General Problems Related To Sewing Machine

When one starts using the sewing machine, there are a few common mistakes that everyone commits. It often happens that a needle breaks or the thread gets stuck. These are a few general mistakes. However, you may be able to overcome these mistakes if you keep servicing your machine from time to time. If you have not used your machine for a long time then you can hire a sewing machine mechanic to get it serviced for a smooth functioning.

What are the mistakes?

Mentioned below are a few common mistakes that the beginners make:

The thread gets bundled under fabric

Often when you start sewing, the thread gets bundled and stucks under the fabric. In order to solve it, you can start sewing regularly on the top part. This will help you to get rid of your thread and fabric problem.

Stitches come out of your cloth

Often it happens that when you sew a cloth, the stitch comes out odd and uneven. You can overcome the problem, if you keep changing the needle every sixteen hours. This will help you in overcome the stitching issue.

Breaking of needle

The needle is very likely to break if it is not strong. Some fabrics require strong ones for fixing them properly. However, if you start using a strong needle which suits the thick fabric, there are very less chances of the needle breaking.

The machines that are automatic also need servicing from time to time as if any issue comes up, you might have to invest to get the parts changed or repaired.